Saturday, June 6, 2009

Today Flash class was over.

So, I don't know if I mentioned on this blog, but Kyle Shockley and I were both two of 24 really Lucky artists/animators that were accepted into a flash class taught by the all of the major independent flash animation studios. It lasted several saturdays.
Our last class was today, and I'm already missing it.
Through this class, me, Leftyjoe, usually a character designer, have fallen in love with animating again. I hadn't really animated in a while. Although I worked at a flash animation studio for about almost 4 years recently. (got laid off last July, :(
Well, when I first started there, I did get to animate often. (the supervisors made me feel really stupid though, I was rusty and hadn't animated in a while, and you all know how flash is.

I thought I'd share some Robot related stuff, and also flash animation stuff, since Kyle and I have no more class.... :(

Well, here are a few links,

Oh snap! My first project at LG!!! Check it out! I had just been hired. I mostly did some character designs and BGs. The team was young and disorganized. lol

this was a personal project given to me to do alone in one day.
I did everything on this one. Later episodes were designed and illustrated and animated by the other members of the team, but as lead character designer I still had some say in the production.
Here are some of my episodes,

oh yeah, i worked on these also...

This one once again, was a team effort. I did most of the character designs, less two or three, I think you can tell which I designed and illustrated. The rest were done by the other members of the team. We all had a share in the work load. I even animated a bit on this one.

To watch these, copy the link, and open a new tab in your interwebz (internet for you noobs) and paste the link in the tab and hit enter...

Shoot, also, I recieved an email from this person about a Robot blog, cool.
Check it on my next post later tonight.

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