Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Confirmed Participant Gennady Babichenko

Click here for his bio. Here's some of his work:



Confirmed Participant Khylov

Khylov (Kyle Shockley):


Raised on the Central Coast of California; attended Betzalel Academy
of Art and Design (Jerusalem) and California Institute of the Arts
(CalArts), character animation program. Credits include: Wall-E, El
Tigre, Activision ReVisioned series. Has worked for Pixar, Six Point
Harness, Contour Entertainment, Argosy Film, Domogram, Hayasa
Pictures, Odysea Surf. Work as appeared in "Street Fighter Tribute"
(Udon Press, 2008 ed.), "The Art of WALL-E" (Pixar), "Jab Strong Fierce" show (Gallery Nucleus).



LOL, so Here's a "Row"-bot.

LOL, get it? It's a "Row" bot. Hehe. (this will not be featured in the show, but I just thought I'd share this with you.

I hang out with the Guys from the Drink and Draw social club in Hollywood CA. I drew this a while back when we were all on a Robot fix.