Monday, June 29, 2009

OK, so here are the flyers for our show this july.

Once again, the saturday of July 18th, 2009, there will a party that you all should attend. Whether you simply want to get out of the house, or are a fan of pop art, come check us out,

with one of L.A.’s finest selektahs, DJ Higher of Pum Pum Tuesdays and Sonido as well as live jazzy funk from The Lorenzo Trio. Not to mention our resident DJ's each representing a variety of genres guaranteed to entertain one and all.

We are also proud to debut a travelling artshow entitled: "Mawnstirrs and Rowboughts" showcasing the city's finest up and coming pop artists.

Whether you’re a musician, artist, designer, film-maker, entrepreneur, or all the above, (This IS L.A.) we want YOU to showcase YOUR talents to get YOU more gigs. Come down to network, shop, dance, promote and party!

Support our small family of vendors offering both bargains and treasures or become a vendor yourself. Our select group of vendors are offering one-of-a-kind, hard-to-find jewelry and crafts, premium vintage clothing and furniture, private and well-known label samples/overstock and countless other treasures at bargain prices.

The ReSession will be held:
Saturday July 18, 2009 between noon and sunset @:
606 6th Street (Corner of Crocker and 6th St between San Pedro and Towne)

Here's our banner,
official banner

Here's the flyer for the party where we will debut our show,
upcoming party for the weekend of july 18th 2009

To all our artists participating, please help us promote the show, grab these and post the hell out of all your social networking pages, please.

Leftyjoe, C0-Curator

Start promoting guys.

The image below is an example from another event at the venue that will showcase our debut show.

This is the flyer for the july 18th party that will showcase our show.

As for me, I'm going a totally new direction with my stuff.

Chris Daylo's completed submission for the show.

Here's Daylo's Piece. Feel free to pre-order or buy it the night of the show.
Chris will be there the day of to look after his dealings.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A lil painting practice.

So you all know our official logo, well for development and painting practice, I painted these up using half of the monsters and robots logo. I'll paint the lil monster half of the logo.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Childhood monster related trauma.

Today Flash class was over.

So, I don't know if I mentioned on this blog, but Kyle Shockley and I were both two of 24 really Lucky artists/animators that were accepted into a flash class taught by the all of the major independent flash animation studios. It lasted several saturdays.
Our last class was today, and I'm already missing it.
Through this class, me, Leftyjoe, usually a character designer, have fallen in love with animating again. I hadn't really animated in a while. Although I worked at a flash animation studio for about almost 4 years recently. (got laid off last July, :(
Well, when I first started there, I did get to animate often. (the supervisors made me feel really stupid though, I was rusty and hadn't animated in a while, and you all know how flash is.

I thought I'd share some Robot related stuff, and also flash animation stuff, since Kyle and I have no more class.... :(

Well, here are a few links,

Oh snap! My first project at LG!!! Check it out! I had just been hired. I mostly did some character designs and BGs. The team was young and disorganized. lol

this was a personal project given to me to do alone in one day.
I did everything on this one. Later episodes were designed and illustrated and animated by the other members of the team, but as lead character designer I still had some say in the production.
Here are some of my episodes,

oh yeah, i worked on these also...

This one once again, was a team effort. I did most of the character designs, less two or three, I think you can tell which I designed and illustrated. The rest were done by the other members of the team. We all had a share in the work load. I even animated a bit on this one.

To watch these, copy the link, and open a new tab in your interwebz (internet for you noobs) and paste the link in the tab and hit enter...

Shoot, also, I recieved an email from this person about a Robot blog, cool.
Check it on my next post later tonight.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Guys, check this out!!!!

If you all want to help,

Please help promote the show guys, the more you do, the more success we'll all have in showing our stuff and selling too. Please do a lil bit of research and invite people who like Monster and or Robots. Art collectors, friends, colleagues, all that stuff. Here's a link to my photobucket so you all can grab the banner that Kyle Shockley made.
Post it everywhere!!!

Hey, even MONster have to "ADAPT"

If you're wondering?

Hi guys, so if you're wondering. I, (leftyjoe) have been doing some maintenance on the blog. Kyle Shockley brought up an excellent point, in order for us all to market out the show to our artist contemporaries, it would be nice to be able to log into the blog account as and post comments on other blogs to redirect traffic back here. The blog used to be on my personal account, so, if this blog were to leave any comments anywhere, it'd be Leftyjoe's account. well, so I moved the blog to the account. You all can log in, i'll give you the password, and go leave comments on other people's blogs. Cool right. Sorry to any subscribers, we seem to have lost them all on the "followers" section, but hopefully since the URL is the same, they'll re-join. Hint hint. Please rejoin. :)

Hope we didn't scare any of you. :)

We're nearing July, I hope you are all well on your way to completion of your submissions. Please post the progress as we're having art collectors, galleries and others look at this site. We need to show stuff to get the party people excited. Remember, the debut of this show will be a ONE NIGHT only, debut party. The show will later be traveling to the next galleies for the rest of the year. :)

Artist agreements will be given to you all soon. :)

Good luck!!!! Good painting and keep posting!!!