Friday, September 25, 2009

Applogies to our dear artist, Bob.

Sorry to have misspelled your name Bob. Here is the new edited flier.

I received an email from CJ Metzger, and she will possibly be joining us in October's show!!! Cool beans!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Low brow pop art group show in hollywod on october 1st 2009.

So, I have a cool spot in Hollywood that is letting me do some shows. The place is cool, and I'm really trying to convince the owners to make it a full fledged art gallery. Well, for the next several months, I'll be organizing some shows for myself and for several different groups and artists. Please come by and check it out, along with this months show.

Here are the filers for the show. :) Also look it up on art slant.

reminder to the participating artists, deadline to turn in work is September 28th.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Some MnR goodies!

Here's a pic from the Loft 4300 "Battle Royale" show that also held our "Mawnstirrs and rowboughts" show. Tom the owner and curator, myself and a motley crew of old and new friends. Photo taken by the elusive Booleep!

And we seem to have our first new completed piece for the show! My not so little brother, Alfred Medina painted this lil ditty. Neat right! (I'm very proud bro, :P)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Open call to artist for our next show!!!

Greetings esteemed comrade and fellow artist.

Curator and artist Leftyjoe, would like to formally invite you to participate in the 3rd installment of "Mawnstirrs and Rowboughts" at a new location that will soon rise in the underground art world and hopefully become an esteemed art Gallery.

Our year long show "Mawnstirrs and Rowboughts" or also known as "Monsters and Robots" is a group art show featuring some of California's Promising artists, some well established names and some undiscovered talent.

Our show pays homage to the two most influential icons of human culture. The world over, people dream and fear the denizens of the imagination, Monsters and Robots.
We'll be inviting you to show us your perception and interpretation of either subject. Choose any character or concept you want. Your pieces can be parodies, homages, or tributes to any known or personally original character.
There is no limit this time on what you can submit.

No sculptures nor digital work will be allowed.

Please make all submitted work wall ready. (meaning completely ready to hang)

Attach the art release sheet and contract to the back of your piece with the following information
-name of artist
-title of artwork
-date executed
-value of art
(Disclaimer) Be advised, based on research, the value of fine art has significantly dropped, due to the economic crisis. On the other hand 'Pop art' is becoming more popular because it's less expensive, so just be price conscious. Thank you.

For submissions:
Contact Curator Leftyjoe : 626-623-9757

Send images of pieces for submission or send a brief description of the work you will submit. All are welcome, I just want to see that everyone is on the same page regarding the theme of the show.

There will be a one time $20.00 submission fee to new artists entering work into the show.
(If you are a previous member, and will be hanging the work from the past shows, no fee is required, however, if you are a member bringing new work, the fee applies. Make checks payable to Joe Torres. Cash will be accepted.)

To turn in your work, schedule an appointment with Leftyjoe and come to 1649 S. La Brea ave. LA. CA 90019
Remember, the dead line is in september 28th, all fees and art must be turned in by that date!

you will recieve more info for the show on

Opening reception will be on October 1st from 5-midnight! the address is
4628 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027-5408
directly across the steet from Luz De Jesus art gallery.,+Los+Angeles,+California+90027&ie=UTF8&oi=georefine&ct=clnk&cd=2&geocode=FXdTCAIdeQnz-A&split=0

Hope to hear from you soon!

contracts and release forms will be given to the artist that are planning to submit work.

Also, please help me spread the word about this open call, tell some friends, maybe they'd like to join. If any artist friends are interested, forward this email to them and tell them to contact me (letyjoe) immediately.
Let's see how big we can make the show. Also, to our artist members, please help promote the show around on the internet. Invite your friends and family to attend the event.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For september and October.

Plans have changed for my solo show, stay tuned for details on

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mawnstirrs and Rowboughts back up in October.

Greetings ya'll!!!

Mawnstirrs and Rowboughts will be up once more! This time, for the whole month of October!

The show will open on OCTOBER 1st and will close NOVEMBER 1st.

Deadline for submissions is SEPTEMBER 28th.

Entry fee is $20 per artist.

This time! the details have changed! For this show, you can do ANY monster! ANY robot!!!

Keep in mind, the economy is bad, so you'd do well not to overprice your work.

Each artist will receive 60% of the sale of the piece sold. The gallery will receive a 40% commission from each piece sold.
(Gallery consists for the Curators and the owner of the Gallery)

For submissions:
Contact Curator Leftyjoe 626-623-9757

Send images of pieces for submission or send a brief description of the work you will submit.

To turn in your work, schedule an appointment with Melissa and come to 1649 S. La Brea ave. LA. CA 90019
Remember, the dead line is in september 28th, all fees and art must be turned in by that date!

you will recieve more info for the show on

Monsters and Robots are great pieces of pop culture and human history, with this show, we continue to pay homage to popular monsters and popular robots.
The best pieces will be judged and the winners of the best submissions will receive the coveted window space in the storefront . Our gallery is right in front of the Luz de Jesus Gallery, right next door to the FARMHAUS boutique.

(the owners of the FARMHAUS boutique are our gracious hosts. They have given me, Leftyjoe, full access to the gallery for the month of October.
also stop in FARMHAUS to check out FARMER JEANS, NATURES MISTAKE CLOTHING, PONY shoes and more. I'll be painting in front of FARMHAUS in September and my work will be on display there in the boutique. Come check us out!!!

Tell anyone you know about our open call too, we're open to anyone of all skills and levels.

Oh, and for the month of october while the show is up, I'll be doing uninstructed figure drawing workshops and more, feel free to come over to the spot and paint with me during the month of september!
The adress of the Gallery will be posted soon.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Second installment of our show!!!

Don't miss out, it'll be up:
Friday the 7th,
"Battle Royale"
curator:Ryan Gaw
LOFT 4300
4300 W. Jefferson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016

Ryan's show was almost done for, some artists flaked out, so I asked him if I could put our show up? He said yes!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Today's the day!!!

Come down to 606 E. 6th street on the corner of 6th and Crocker, LA CA 90021.
Grab the flyer for the art show, print it out on your home printer and bring it in to get in for $2 instead of $5.

call Leftyjoe 626-623-9757

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The show is this saturday!!!

So guys, this will be the last post for this show until the announcement of the gallery that will have us up for a whole month! Please stay tuned! Attn: to all the participating artists, turn your work in soon, tons of people have already turned their stuff in and we'll be hanging soon! Thanks for your art, for your friendship, and to all the followers of this blog, thank you for your attention and time, don't go anywhere, I don't plan to stop working on this show. I wanna keep it going all year and on to the next and see what other galleries can have us!
some big things are happening! Stay tuned!

check out my personal blog too please, big things for leftyjoe too.

Love ya all,

MnR Curator:


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yet another way to promote our show.

Please use this to post or email to anyone you know. Please post stuff anywhere you can. (artists)

I'm gonna do an Illustration right now for art jumble, the theme is "Embrace", so in order to direct traffic back to our blog, I'm gonna post on art jumble and add a link back to our blog.
Check it out maybe tomorrow morning or late tonight.

Artist Participants.

Guys, don't forget to promote the heck out of the show so that our Gracious venue can make some money from the guest's entry fees.
The show will cost $5 at the door for the people going to see the musical talents, $3 at the door with the music promotional flyer.
$2 at the door for all guests going to see the art show, (that's us)

Please, help promote guys. Let's make this a success.


Here's my submission for "Shaky" on

You can say that I like illustrating with "shaky" linework, lol.

These paintings are some digital development work for the upcoming group pop art show below.

click on the thumb to enlarge and see the flyer for the show.
upcoming group pop art show July 18th,art events in july 18th 2009

The contract for the participating artists is out.

I hope I didn't miss any of you. But if I did, contact me asap.

Here's a preview of what the contact should look like in your emails. Of course I signed the one I sent you.
Sign it and send it back.