Monday, June 29, 2009

OK, so here are the flyers for our show this july.

Once again, the saturday of July 18th, 2009, there will a party that you all should attend. Whether you simply want to get out of the house, or are a fan of pop art, come check us out,

with one of L.A.’s finest selektahs, DJ Higher of Pum Pum Tuesdays and Sonido as well as live jazzy funk from The Lorenzo Trio. Not to mention our resident DJ's each representing a variety of genres guaranteed to entertain one and all.

We are also proud to debut a travelling artshow entitled: "Mawnstirrs and Rowboughts" showcasing the city's finest up and coming pop artists.

Whether you’re a musician, artist, designer, film-maker, entrepreneur, or all the above, (This IS L.A.) we want YOU to showcase YOUR talents to get YOU more gigs. Come down to network, shop, dance, promote and party!

Support our small family of vendors offering both bargains and treasures or become a vendor yourself. Our select group of vendors are offering one-of-a-kind, hard-to-find jewelry and crafts, premium vintage clothing and furniture, private and well-known label samples/overstock and countless other treasures at bargain prices.

The ReSession will be held:
Saturday July 18, 2009 between noon and sunset @:
606 6th Street (Corner of Crocker and 6th St between San Pedro and Towne)

Here's our banner,
official banner

Here's the flyer for the party where we will debut our show,
upcoming party for the weekend of july 18th 2009

To all our artists participating, please help us promote the show, grab these and post the hell out of all your social networking pages, please.

Leftyjoe, C0-Curator

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