Thursday, June 4, 2009

If you're wondering?

Hi guys, so if you're wondering. I, (leftyjoe) have been doing some maintenance on the blog. Kyle Shockley brought up an excellent point, in order for us all to market out the show to our artist contemporaries, it would be nice to be able to log into the blog account as and post comments on other blogs to redirect traffic back here. The blog used to be on my personal account, so, if this blog were to leave any comments anywhere, it'd be Leftyjoe's account. well, so I moved the blog to the account. You all can log in, i'll give you the password, and go leave comments on other people's blogs. Cool right. Sorry to any subscribers, we seem to have lost them all on the "followers" section, but hopefully since the URL is the same, they'll re-join. Hint hint. Please rejoin. :)

Hope we didn't scare any of you. :)

We're nearing July, I hope you are all well on your way to completion of your submissions. Please post the progress as we're having art collectors, galleries and others look at this site. We need to show stuff to get the party people excited. Remember, the debut of this show will be a ONE NIGHT only, debut party. The show will later be traveling to the next galleies for the rest of the year. :)

Artist agreements will be given to you all soon. :)

Good luck!!!! Good painting and keep posting!!!

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