Saturday, July 18, 2009


Today's the day!!!

Come down to 606 E. 6th street on the corner of 6th and Crocker, LA CA 90021.
Grab the flyer for the art show, print it out on your home printer and bring it in to get in for $2 instead of $5.

call Leftyjoe 626-623-9757

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The show is this saturday!!!

So guys, this will be the last post for this show until the announcement of the gallery that will have us up for a whole month! Please stay tuned! Attn: to all the participating artists, turn your work in soon, tons of people have already turned their stuff in and we'll be hanging soon! Thanks for your art, for your friendship, and to all the followers of this blog, thank you for your attention and time, don't go anywhere, I don't plan to stop working on this show. I wanna keep it going all year and on to the next and see what other galleries can have us!
some big things are happening! Stay tuned!

check out my personal blog too please, big things for leftyjoe too.

Love ya all,

MnR Curator:


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yet another way to promote our show.

Please use this to post or email to anyone you know. Please post stuff anywhere you can. (artists)

I'm gonna do an Illustration right now for art jumble, the theme is "Embrace", so in order to direct traffic back to our blog, I'm gonna post on art jumble and add a link back to our blog.
Check it out maybe tomorrow morning or late tonight.

Artist Participants.

Guys, don't forget to promote the heck out of the show so that our Gracious venue can make some money from the guest's entry fees.
The show will cost $5 at the door for the people going to see the musical talents, $3 at the door with the music promotional flyer.
$2 at the door for all guests going to see the art show, (that's us)

Please, help promote guys. Let's make this a success.


Here's my submission for "Shaky" on

You can say that I like illustrating with "shaky" linework, lol.

These paintings are some digital development work for the upcoming group pop art show below.

click on the thumb to enlarge and see the flyer for the show.
upcoming group pop art show July 18th,art events in july 18th 2009

The contract for the participating artists is out.

I hope I didn't miss any of you. But if I did, contact me asap.

Here's a preview of what the contact should look like in your emails. Of course I signed the one I sent you.
Sign it and send it back.