Thursday, May 14, 2009

LOL, cool check out my marketing campaign!!!

Feel free to steal the letter itself and change it to fit you personally, or just do as I did and forward this to anyone you know. I just looked up Monsters on google web search, found a monster related site, and I sent the contact people this letter. Please help me do this.

Greetings, I'm Leftyjoe, a Latino San Gabriel valley artist transplanted to the Wilshire district of LA hoping to continue working in animation and pop art.

I'm co-curating a great pop art show in Downtown LA this July, on the 18th.
It will be held at "the church" building (address 606 6th street. LA CA- downtown on and Crocker) near the "brewery".

It's a group show containing tons of artists, famous and undiscovered. The show's theme may catch your eye, "Mawnstirrs (monsters) and Rowboughts (robots)"

The artists will show just how those two icons of human culture touched each of their lives and influenced their creativity.
This will be a fun pop art show that will continue to be shopped around to galleries all year long, check us out and please, forward this to anyone you know that is a fan of either subject.

(feel free to contact me or peruse my pages)

Below are links to places where we've posted stuff about our show to start the buzz, please help us promote this show so that the artwork can reach the hands of Fans, or connoisseurs of Monsters and or Robots. Hopefully the works of art will touch someone's life as art and the subject matter has touched the artists themselves. And, hopefully what the artists are conveying in there art will have the same affect.

Here's a thread I started for our show on, join the site, comment on the thread and post pics or vids to get people excited about the show.

Oh, once again, here's the blog I started to post our pics and vids for our art show.

and on satellite soda.

and on Frederator,

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