Thursday, May 28, 2009

I just thought I'd post this .

This is not an open call for artists. We will be having many people turn in work soon. I just thought I'd post this so all of our artist participants could read it over once again.

Here's the official invitation. (if your a personal friend of mine, and you didn't get this eail, I'm sure i told you about it in one way or another so don't complain, there's plnty of time, give me your art by the due date.)

Greetings esteemed comrade and fellow artist.
Co curator: Leftyjoe (a young but well seasoned professional character designer) and Chloe Akana (the cutest lil caricature artist ever aka Panda-Montana) , and Brado James (event promoter and entrepreneur also highschool english teacher) would like to formally invite you to participate in the 1st annual "Mawnstirrs and Rowboughts" at a huge space in Downtown LA.

Monsters and Robots have most likely left an impact on everyone
throughout the world and time. The participants of this group show will try to express just how those two icons of human culture have touched and influenced them as creative individuals. This is not a versus show between robots and monsters, it's merely a compilation of pieces from both subjects. Monsters AND Robots. We'll try to show our own individual takes and styles, and stay away from the norm, that's why we're spelling it "Mawnstirrs and Rowboughts". No known characters will be shown. And hopefully, all the pieces in the show will be pushed to the fullest potential of the artists skill, talent and creativity.

Requirements for acceptance into Mawnstirrs and Rowboughts.

- All works most be completely original, no parodies or homages of any known characters. Try to express the feeling that Monsters and Robots give you and how that has influenced your life and your creativity. Each artists should have a balanced amount of Monsters and Robots in their submission. THIS IS NOT A VERSUS SHOW, You don't have to show the monters and robots fighting, but you can if you want. It is Monsters and Robots, just spelled funny to help express the unconventionality of each of our individual expressions. Try to really push the envelope to the fullest potential. Make it as fun and dark and scary or sad as you want. This will be an older crowd, so feel free to have some boobs or wangs in your pieces.
Please, no offensive material.

- All works must be of a traditional medium. Mixed media is fine. All styles are also welcome. However, no digital media or sculptures please.

- All works must be wall ready. Ready to hang immediately upon delivery.

- There will be various artists in this show so try to limit the size and amount of your works. Just consider that others will be sharing wall space with you.

-Also, this is a very independent show, we'd love to recieve help from each artist as much as possible. We'll take $20 or $40 for the printing or the flyers for the show. Flyers will be given to each artist to help promote all over town.

- Works are due June 31, but can be delivered at the very latest July 15. Artists invited by Leftyjoe are to deliver works to 1649 S. La Brea ave. LA. CA. 90019. call for an appointment at 626-623-9757

Please Contact me at, or text me at 626-623-9757 for any questions or concerns.
(only local artists will be able to drop off the art work at 1646 S. La Brea Ave. apt 10, LA CA 90019 call for drop off appointment at 626-623-9757)

Gallery will split 60% for artists, and 40% for the gallery as usual.

The gallery space is huge. The place is really nice and artsy. It's known as "THE CHURCH". Woodberry university used this place for their graduation party a few years back. It's been used in films very often.
Plenty of parking with security available to watch the vehicles. Two full bars and a great scene all around.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you wish to participate. Plan on finishing you piece or pieces as soon as humanly possible so we can have at least a month to market the show around on all the forums and get the press excited about it. The deadline for artwork to be turned in will be June 31st.

The day of the opening will be July 11.

no digital work, only traditional media.

This will be a very unconventional show though. Things will sell, first come first serve online. We're gonna put up a blog to post all the artwork's progression to get potential buyers to get excited about coming to the show and purchasing the art that night, or even as the piece is posted. We'll moderate and handle a bidding war for the art that people are interested in. The art will go to the highest bidder and will be available to take home the night of the show at the very end. The paintings themselves will be up for one night only at the reception party. The space that is allowing us to that one night because they have other events that have go up.

Patrons will be asked to donate a $2 entry fee with the art show flyer at the door. There will be other people attending that night for different shows going on. Other attendees will be paying $5 at the door, so please remind your guests to bring the flyer for our event. Flyers will be given to the artists to mass deliver to at galleries and other cool places that we may be able to advertise in. Artist can please donate some money to the printing of the flyers. The promoter for the night of our show has a sweet hook up for 1,000 flyers full color front and back for a very low price. Our participant Jeremy Rusnak will be designing the flyers.
As soon as flyers are ready we'll give you all a bunch so you can all help us promote the show everywhere!!!

We'll also give you web flyers to post everywhere like myspace and facebook. Please, start talking about the show now everywhere. Robert and I will start threads on various sites and you all can please participate in commenting on the threads. We may even put up youtube videos.
Example, maybe put up a camera while you paint your piece, and maybe sell the dvd video with the piece.

Please feel absolutely free to promote the hell out of your art for the show by any means. Make sure you state that it is for the "Mawnstirrs and Rowboughts" show on July 11 at 606 6th st. LA CA. On the corner of 6th and Crocker

Get as much buzz on this show as you can. We'll supply all the links to the treads that we start for the show so you all can comment.

Oh, save your preliminary sketches for all you pieces. Fans may want to buy those too. And please post them on the blog and links.

There will be some bands playing in the outside lot. A band that is playing there is looking for an artist to design their album cover, so that night will be a good chance to network for that. There will be vendors of all sorts up in the warehouse level of the building.

Here's a thread I started for our show on, join the site, comment on the thread and post pics or vids to get people excited about the show.

Oh, once again, here's the blog I started to post our pics and vids for our art show.

and on satellite soda.

Also, guys, in june, i'll be having a booth at a breast cancer fundraiser. I was wondering if you all would join the Pink show that I will be doing for the event in June 13ht.
I was thinking of doing a bunch of little paintings, all mostly in pink hues or variations of pink. I will be having a booth at a breast cancer fundraiser. I myself, being a survivor of testicular cancer, think the cause worthy and important. My friend Barbara Boswell is also a cancer survivor, she is the organizer of the event. I'll attach the flyer for her event too if you'd like to join us for a good time.
Well, so at my booth, I'll be selling art that relates to the celebration of life. Celebrating moder medicine, even remembering friends that passed from cancer. Basicly, the art should be light hearted, and inspire good feelings in those that purchase it. The art will be sold at the artist's desired price. 50% for the breast cancer cause, and 50% for the artist.
If that is agreeable to you, please write me and let me know if you are interested in this.

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